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Your Website is what your clients will base their first impression on. Make sure you have a professional design that reflects the kind of service or product you provide. Hang Ten offers a Professional Design, Top Notch Search Engine Optimization Services, Mobile Websites and World Class Hosting Services.

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SEO Services

Have the BEST Company working for you! We rank #1 against ALL our Peers for "SEO NJ" Don't settle for second best! Having a website does not matter if you are not on the First Page of Google for your desired search terms. Search Engine Optimization is the most important aspect of having a Website.

Mobile Technology

Everyday customers are searching the internet on their New Smart Phones. Shouldn't your website be Mobile Friendly? Let us convert your site to a mobile design so your customers can easily call you with a click of button from their phone while they are on your site or be able to view your menu or services.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Advertising is an essential part of any business and the internet is just another form of advertising called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. In the old days the Yellow pages was where an individual would turn to search for a product or service. Now that the paper yellow pages has disappeared the internet has emerged as the media that is used for almost all searches today. Another fact some people are not aware of is that 90% of people who search only click on websites that are located on the first page of results. So what does that mean for companies that are on the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th pages? It means limited visibility, lower leads, and less revenue. Are you an individual who believes that the internet will not help their business? Take a look online and see if your competition is there? I bet you they are! And guess what, the less competition they have online the better chance they have of landing new clients! Don't you want to be able to compete for those same clients that are looking for your services each and every day?

There are a few things a website owner can do him or herself that can make a huge different in their rankings. The first is to make sure their keyword phrases like "Carpet Cleaning" is used in the Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, in the Heading 1 Tags and the Image Alt tags. What this accomplishes is the search engines will be able to scan your site and easily find out what site is about. If you are unable to make these types of changes on your own then a company make them for you at an affordable price.

The next thing you can do is update your site on a regular basis with new and interesting articles that are related to your company and services you provide. A good unique article of at least 300 words once a week is adequate enough to help move your site up the rankings. Google has mentioned time and time again it wants to see unique content that is valuable to its users. A site that is static will have a much tougher time moving up the rankings these days with all the changes, filters and restrictions Google has implemented over the course of this last year.

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Hang Ten provided a Professional Website Design and then I ordered their SEO package. Happily I am on the First Page of Google and seeing results. Highly Recommend their services.
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